How to start a vegetable garden?

A vegetable garden at home is a great way to grow daily food supplements for your family. To start a vegetable garden first find the appropriate space for gardening. It can be done on your home compound, terrace, and roof. Get some fertile soil and mix it with cocopeat in the ratio of 50:50. This is done to loosen the soil and store water for a longer duration. You can plant seeds directly on the earth or in plastic bags or clay pots. Fill the soil mixture on the pots and add some organic fertilizers like cow dung on the top. If you cant find cow dung you can also put inorganic fertilizers like Urea. Vegetables are seasonal so you will have to rotate the plants 3–4 times a year. You can get the seeds from a local seed shop. Remember to water your plants every day.

Coriander leaves growing in a clay pot

Find instructions for growing vegetables at home



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